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Returning to Sport Safely after Covid Restrictions

Lockdowns throughout the Covid-19 pandemic obviously led to long periods of inactivity with gyms and sports clubs closed, and sometimes […]

Old Age, It's Only A Number!

  It's Older People's Day on 1st October! So let’s celebrate - because we’ve all made it this far! Sadly, one thing that is true in life - is we're…

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Life Expectancy, Health, Happiness and Moving

  It's the end of summer. There, I said it! Kids back to school, evenings getting cooler, comfort foods and sofas getting more and more appealing. However, don't despair because…

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Trapped Nerves, Referred Pain and Sciatica

  As I have mentioned before: pain is strange, complex, and very interesting. Why does your leg hurt when you have injured your back? Why does your head hurt when…

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Headaches are a Real Pain in the Neck

  Headaches are a common complaint, that most commonly are the result of referred pain from muscles and joints in the neck. Hands on treatment and exercise has been shown…

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Why Shoulder Pain Needn't Hold You Back

  Shoulder pain is a common, but varied complaint. From hand working tradesmen, to hard working desk workers; professional athletes, weekend warriors, young and old, there are many reasons why…

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The Problem with Chronic Pain

  This is a long post, but if you, or somebody you know suffers with chronic pain, it could change your life. According to a 2016 study in the British…

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Avoiding Back Pain When Gardening

  With the days getting longer and warmer...the plants are growing and people want to get on with the gardening. Great! The problem with this however is the high number…

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The Principles of Osteopathy

  Osteopathy is a system of manual health care that aims to restore proper body function, and reduce pain and dysfunction, via joint and tissue manipulation techniques to correct mechanical…

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