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Professional, efficient and reliable healthcare in Derby & Nottinghamshire

Our Osteopath Services For Derby & The East Midlands

Specialists in muscle and joint pains, Osteopaths are highly trained and regulated Allied Health Care professionals, as recognised by the NHS. At Central Osteopaths in Derby, we provide high-quality, evidence based management of a wide range of complaints, from sciatica, neck pain, shoulders, hips, knees and sports injuries – not just back pain!

Your Osteopathy Appointment

Your Osteopath will provide an accurate diagnosis and discuss a treatment plan, which may include hands on treatment, exercise prescription and dietary and other lifestyle advice

Central Osteopaths Welcomes Andy Young

Andy Young has joined Central Osteopaths, and will be heading up our Osteopathy service based in Spondon, Derby.

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East Midland’s number one Osteopathy provider, we offer the very best osteopath services near you.

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