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Our Approach to Pain

Whether you have hip, shoulder, foot, back or neck pain, our approach is simple – we provide every patient with the best possible care. Every member of our staff is a qualified professional who’ll work with you to cure or control your condition.

Our Values

All our staff work with honesty, integrity and professionalism. We take the time and effort to ensure our patients are diagnosed and treated with the care and attention they deserve. Our specialists understand that every patient is an individual, and will treat you as such.

We understand that being in pain can be both upsetting and stressful. That’s why we’ve created a relaxed and homely atmosphere with friendly, professional and trustworthy staff.

Our Clinical Approach

It’s important to us that we find the best treatment to suit both your complaint and your lifestyle. Our extensive range of multidisciplinary treatments means we can give you exactly the right type of care.

Our biomechanical approach ensures we get to the root of any pain – because we assess the whole body and not just the painful area. In many cases, pain in one part of the body is caused by a problem elsewhere. A classic example is Tennis Elbow, which is often caused by a problem in the back or neck. By finding the source of pain, we can offer effective treatments that get you back to health quicker. Our biomechanical approach has helped many patients finally cure and control long-term pain that has never been properly diagnosed.

We are able to refer our patients to specialists and surgeons, but our emphasis is on non-evasive techniques wherever possible. We believe that cure is better than repeated treatment, so we work with our patients to help them prevent problems coming back.

How Can We Help You?

From a teacher with back pain to a sportsman with an injured knee, we can help. We can use physiotherapy, osteopathy, podiatry and a range of other disciplines to treat limb, shoulder, hip, back, neck and foot pain. We can also provide treatments for neurological conditions, such as strokes or head injuries. In addition, our physiotherapists can work to support people adjusting to life after major operations, such as amputations.

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