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Occupational Health Services

Our occupational health service is professional, efficient and reliable. We offer a comprehensive range of occupational health services for Nottingham, Derby and the Midlands. We understand that every business is different, so we offer totally bespoke services packages covering all aspects of health, wellbeing and safety at work. We’re able to help all kinds of organisations, from multi-national corporations to small businesses, schools, offices, industrial clients, public sector clients and charities.

Our Services

Our complete range of occupational health services means you can rely on Central Occupational Health for all your case management, training, treatment and assessment needs. Bringing you the very best in professional occupational health, our expert physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, trainers and occupational health experts can offer on and off site services.

Health Surveillance

Health surveillance allows for early identification of ill health and helps identify any corrective action needed. Health Surveillance takes place in the workplace by our team of Occupational Health Technicians

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Sickness Absence Management

Implementing strategies to reduce staff absence in the workplace and deploying clinical expertise to help employees suffering with health problems return to work

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Case Management

Occupational Health Case Management service ensures your employees or clients get the medical care they need following an accident, illness or injury

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Musculoskeletal Physio

In the workplace and off site Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy services designed to help lower employee sickness rates due to musculoskeletal injuries and improve productivity

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Mental Health

Mental Health is a growing workplace issue with ever increasing numbers of employees suffering with a mental health problem that can affect their performance and attendance. Over half of all sickness absence is caused by mental health related issues

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Drug and Alcohol Testing

Help to establish robust drug and alcohol policies prior to testing and to implement procedures in the event of non-negative results

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Working onsite clearance and safety critical assessments

Some employers provide workers to perform duties at third party company premises and will at times, depending on the role, require ad-hoc onsite clearance and safety critical assessments and certification to allow those workers to be cleared to work onsite

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Driver Medicals & Fork lift (FLT) Driver Medicals

In line with DVLA requirements, the HSE suggests you screen all existing and potential workplace transport operators for fitness before employment and at five-yearly intervals from age 45

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Medical Retirement

Some employees may require assessing, usually by a Occupational Health Doctor, to establish whether they are able to return to their current employed role or may need to be considered for early medical retirement

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Health & Wellbeing Promotion

Health & Wellbeing promotion in the workplace is a great way to educate employees on the benefits of maintaining their own health

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CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is an effective and proven form of talking therapy that is commonly used in the workplace to help employees

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Occupational Health Nursing

Occupational Health Nursing services offer a reliable, efficient and effective solution for workplace health issues

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Occupational Health Physician Services

Our Occupational Health Physicians offer a wide range of services that will meet with the needs of your company

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