About Central Occupational Health

Central Occupational Health in Derby delivers a comprehensive range of Occupational Health services tailored to meet the needs of businesses and organisations across all sectors.

Occupational Health Services

Our complete range of occupational health services means you can rely on Central Occupational Health for all your case management, training, treatment and assessment needs. Bringing you the very best in professional occupational health, our expert physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, trainers and occupational health experts can offer on and off site services.

Central Occupational Health has been providing Occupational Health Services for many years to local, regional and national businesses and organisations.

In that time we have built up great experience and expert Occupational Health teams to help deal with all Occupational Health issues that arise in the workplace.

We pride ourselves or providing a very professional, effective and confidential Occupational Health service to all our service users.

Occupational Health can at times seem to be quite a complex environment, but it’s actually quite a straight forward process and can on most occasions facilitate decreased costs in the short and long term, and increased productivity.


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Our Approach

We provide every organisation or individual client with the best possible care.


Ensuring employees are fit and well at work, both physically and mentally


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