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Osteopathy Services, Derby

At Central Osteopaths, our multi-clinic, nationally recognised award winning services have been offering private osteopathy to clients in Derby for many years. During that time, we’ve grown into a thriving healthcare provider also offering, physiotherapy, occupational health services, podiatry, GP, injection, diagnostic services and more. And throughout this time, we’ve never lost sight of our commitment to quality, care and clinical excellence.

Our Services

How We Can Help

At Central Osteopaths in Derby, we provide high-quality, evidence based management of a wide range of complaints, including back problems sciatica, neck pain, shoulders, hips, knees and sports injuries

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Your Osteopath will provide an accurate diagnosis and discuss a treatment plan, which may include hands on treatment, exercise prescription and dietary and other lifestyle advice

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Sports Injuries

At Central Osteopaths our team can assess and treat almost all Sports Injury conditions. They will take you through a thorough assessment to try and work out the main sports injury based diagnosis

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Sports Massage

Sports Massage works by treating muscle based pain, discomfort and tightness pre and post activity, post injury or purely as a maintenance approach to help prevent your muscles tightening up in the first place, helping to reduce or prevent injury

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Arthritis is a very common condition affecting many people in many different ways, from general pain, reduced movement, mobility and function

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Steroid Injection Therapy

At Central Osteopaths we offer private Steroid Injection Therapy services delivered by fully qualified, and experienced members of our team

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Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy treatment is a highly effective treatment available for patients with chronic tendon disorders, and is used widely by Sports Physicians & Orthopaedic Surgeons

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