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Your First Appointment

When you first come to Central FootClinic for your initial assessment, just let our friendly Administration team know you have arrived and they will inform your Podiatrist.

Making A Better You

The first time you see your Podiatrist they will ask you a series of questions to help diagnose your problem.

Questions may include:

  • How does your condition/pain affect your daily life
  • What aggravates and eases your symptoms
  • How it affects your 24 hour day including your sleep
  • How your symptoms behave, including where and how painful your problem is using a pain score

You will then go on to be physically assessed by your Podiatrist, to see how you move and this will include specific tests in order to give you a diagnosis. Shorts, t shirts or vests are useful items to wear.

You will then be informed of what the Podiatrist thinks is your problem and then receive appropriate treatment with self-management advice.

On most occasions you will also be provided with a video exercise programme.

Further treatment, if required, will then be discussed between you by your Podiatrist.

A further appointment will be booked by your Podiatrist if necessary.

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Your Assessment will take place in a fantastic, friendly and very professional environment, with great facilities such as:

  • Free onsite parking
  • Disabled access & toilets
  • Comfortable waiting area and treatment rooms
  • Rehabilitation Gym facilities

Home visits are also available.

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