Primary Care MSK Physiotherapy

As an Any Qualified Provider (AQP), Central Health Network delivers Musculoskeletal (MSK) Physiotherapy care and expertise within the NHS.

Improving Access to MSK Care

We work with CCGs, PCNs and GP Surgeries across the UK and provide MSK Physiotherapy to patients from both AQP GP referral and self-referral routes.

Offering the very highest standards of care delivered by fully skilled and experienced Physiotherapists in multiple clinic locations, Central Health Network enables Primary Care MSK patients to gain fast access to treatment and rehabilitation services.

Make Central Health Network
part of your AQP MSK Physiotherapy Provision

Routinely treating a wide variety of MSK conditions, including managing chronic conditions and post-operative rehabilitation, Central Health Network has for many years helped to reduce NHS waiting lists and improve MSK patient outcomes.


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