First Contact Podiatry

Central Health Network specialise in the delivery of First Contact Podiatry services to individual GP Surgeries, PCNs, GP Federations and CCGs, on a local, regional and national basis

Manage Foot and Lower Limb Cases

First contact practice is an increasingly established model of care designed to deliver a streamlined, patient-centred service and support the growing demands on general practice, and Central Health Network works closely with Primary Care partners to broaden patient access to Podiatry services and effectively navigate vital patient care pathways.

Central Health Network First Contact Podiatrists are trained to work as part of multidisciplinary teams to safely diagnose, risk assess and triage, and provide advice and initiate treatment for complications of the foot and lower limb, and therefore reduce GP workloads and improve patient outcomes.

Make First Contact Podiatry part of your Multidisciplinary Primary Care Team

Central Health Network provides a fully managed First Contact Podiatry service, comprehensive support and on-going professional management.


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