2022 Exercise Goals Week 2 Update

It’s the end of week 2 of Kevin’s 8-week training towards achieving his exercise goals in 2022. Read Kevin’s update below!

Whether you’re running regularly or just starting out, I would recommend starting easy on your weekly runs. If you’re new to running maybe start with 3 x weekly runs, short in distance or maybe follow a Couch to 5K plan. Aim for no more than a 10% increase in your runs per week. If you go at it at too high an intensity you are more prone to injury. You’ve got to get your body and systems used to your new exercise regime.

Running consistency is also very important, and to maintain that consistency you don’t want to do too much too quickly.

So, back to my second week of training. I ran 5 out 7 days, so I had 2 complete rest days. I had a total weekly mileage of around 40 miles. I maintained my 80/20 split of 80% of my running at easy pace, my easy running pace is 7.45-7.50 minute per mile and then 2 harder quicker run sessions, my 20% of running, which, included an interval session of 10 x 1km with a 200m walk recovery between each KM, aiming to run at a 5.50-6 minute mile pace, so just a bit quicker than my goal of doing a 39 minute 10K race pace of around 6.10-6.15 minute miles.

I always do a 15 minute easy run warm up and then cool down after the quicker sessions. I have found the easy run warm up and cool downs really helpful, they prime your body really nicely. I also added in some running drills this week with some long, quick strides, so increasing my stride, doing 4 x 20 second session of strides, working at around 90% effort. I normally do this after one of my shorter easy runs.

Then I do a good 10 minutes of static stretching after all my running. As I have got older, I have really focused on my flexibility. It is something to do at all ages, but as we get older our capacity to recover reduces.

I also did sneak in 2 strength and conditioning 40 minute sessions, for some upper and lower body strengthening work. I will talk more about what I do in my S & C sessions as the blog go on.

Top tips for this week:

Wear the right clothing for the weather conditions, including head torch if running in the dark!

Plan your run week and your run sessions, get those rest days in!

If you experience any hint of niggle/injury during or after a run, my advice would be to back off and don’t push into or through any discomfort.

If your niggle/discomfort increases after your run, and up to 24 hours later, then I would advise not to run for at least 24 hours and make sure you check in symptom free for at least 24 hours with all your other activity, such as walking, use of the stairs etc before you consider running again.

You are always better to back off early when there is only a slight niggle, so have an extra rest day, so you won’t have to wait too long to re-start your running.

You will not miss a couple of extra days rest from running. You might consider a low impact option instead, such as cycling, rowing or X trainer for example to keep things ticking over.

If you push into any low level niggle/discomfort, either by trying to continue with your training programme or by uncontrolled testing/running, you may be asking for more trouble.

I have learnt to back off quickly and would rather settle things quickly so that I can get niggle free running as soon as able. More injury management advice to follow.

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