My Exercise Goals For 2022! Why Not Join Me?

Join in with Clinical Director and Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist at Central Health, Kevin Huffington’s exercise goals for 2022! Here’s Kevin’s first blog as he prepares for the journey!

It’s important to set some exercise goals for yourself. This helps with your planning, motivation & self-discipline.

My goals for the first half of 2022 are to:

Run a sub 18.30min 5K

Run a sub 39min 10K

Complete a sub 35minute DriTri event

For those who don’t know, a DriTri consists of a 2000m row, followed by 300 body exercises (push ups, burpees etc) and a 5K run. All in the dry! And I take part in one twice a year.

So to help meet my goals, I’m starting a 8 week block of running training this week, which will take me up to my first 10K race of the year in early March. That 10K should also set me up for a 5K race the following week. My DriTri event is in mid-March – so March will be a great test of whether or not I hit or I’m close to achieving my 6 month goals and what I might need to adjust in order to do so.

Follow my blog here and my short videos on social as I take you through my training – including easy running, track sessions, strength & conditioning, my injury prevention strategies, any injury management and any mistakes I may make along the way. All of that will sit really well with fellow, slightly (!) older exercisers – and hopefully be useful to those of all ages embarking on a new exercise journey for 2022.

Your goal maybe the Couch to 5K, a sub 30min 5K or just to maintain regular exercise through and beyond January and make it part of your regular routine. So, jumping on board with me might give you a little extra help, motivation and direction.

So go ahead and think about some realistic/achievable exercise goals for yourself. Those could be in 3, 6 or 12 month chunks. Don’t make the mistake of making them too tough to achieve and you may hurt yourself trying, so break it all down.

Do feel free to ask any questions and share any of your own advice and training photos with me on social and also on the Central Health social channels – we’ll be happy to respond and share!

Let’s go everyone!


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