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Sickness Absence Management, Derby

Sickness absence and in particular long term sickness absence can cause many issues for any company or business. These can range from reduced productivity, agency costs, to reduce employees morale.

Reducing Staff Absence

The causes of sickness absence can be many, from ongoing medical issues, injury at work, musculoskeletal injuries or mental health issues.

The management of these employees and reduce sickness absence rates will increase productivity, morale, creating a happy workforce. All of which can result in a healthier workforce and increased profits.

Central Occupational Health can provide an effective on, off or multisite sickness absence strategy and employee management service to help decrease sickness absence for your company or business.

Occupational Health Icon Reduce Staff Absence

By keeping employees fit, healthy and happy

Occupational Health Icon Improve Productivity

By maintaining employee numbers in the workplace

Occupational Health Icon Facilitate Return to Work

Help employees get back to work quicker

Occupational Health Icon Increase Morale

Take pressure off staff members covering absence

Occupational Health Icon Maintain Profit Levels

Correct staffing levels means the job gets done

Occupational Health Icon Happy Healthy Staff

Create a workplace employees are proud of

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Occupational Health Services

Health Surveillance

Health surveillance allows for early identification of ill health and helps identify any corrective action needed. Health Surveillance takes place in the workplace by our team of Occupational Health Technicians

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Sickness Absence Management

Implementing strategies to reduce staff absence in the workplace and deploying clinical expertise to help employees suffering with health problems return to work

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Case Management

Occupational Health Case Management service ensures your employees or clients get the medical care they need following an accident, illness or injury

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