Tips for Buying the Right Sports Shoes


Tips for Buying the Right Sports Shoes from the experts at Central FootClinic:

  • Buy trainers designed for the activity you want to do.  Running shoes are very flexible, allowing the foot to bend and flex through each step, they have increased shock absorption for when the heel strikes the ground and are designed for forward motion.  Sports such as tennis, basketball and aerobics involve sideways stepping, and require shoes that provide greater sideways support.
  • A common mistake is to buy trainers that are too small. Shoe manufacturers produce trainers designed for people with low arches and high arches.  It’s vital that this is recognised so that you can buy the right shoe for the type of foot you have.  Buy trainers from a specialist sports shop where the staff are trained in fitting.
  • The most important thing is that your sportswear is appropriate for your body and your workout.  Choose a reputable manufacturer.
  • If you’re training every day, ideally have two pairs of trainers and alternate them to allow them to dry out over 24 hours.

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