The Importance of Resilience in the Workplace

Resilience in the Workplace

Resilience is becoming increasingly recognised as an important personal attribute in the workplace. It is generally regarded as the ability to ‘bounce back’ in the face of adversity. With recent changes and cuts in many organisations, those who can ‘bounce back’ and adapt to these changes are more likely to cope well and perform better. Personal resilience is therefore essential for employees in order to navigate stressful events in both their personal and professional life.

3 Features of Personal Resilience for Employees:

  • Knowing Yourself – developing personal attributes such as self awareness, determination, vision and self confidence can all contribute to flexibility and focus during difficult periods of time. This can prevent deterioration during temporary periods of adversity.
  • Dealing with Events – organisation and problem solving can improve an individual’s ability to navigate difficulties in the workplace. Good problem solving skills can help to consider all possible options in a difficult situation, as well as solutions.
  • Dealing with Others – maintaining relationships and interactions with others can help when dealing with stressful events. The ability to maintain effective relationships, seek support and avoid becoming isolated are all attributes that will contribute to good coping.

However, its not all down to the staff. Employers can help to address wellbeing in the workplace too:

3 Steps Employers can take to Develop Employee Resilience and Wellbeing:

  • Open Communication – encourage employees to develop their wellbeing and share ideas with colleagues. Be open to conversations about managing adversity and seek guidance where necessary.
  • Assess the Situation – consider how the organisation as a whole fits with individual employee’s personal resources. Talk to each employee to establish whether they feel supported? Do they understand their role? How will potential changes affect them?
  • Planning – create a plan of how to address any identified discrepancies between the organisation and individual wellbeing.

For further information on resilience training, and guidance on managing workplace wellbeing issues please contact Penny Hayler at Central Occupational Health here

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Penny Hayler, Head CBT and Counselling Psychologist, at Central Occupational Health


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