Sports Injuries – Strain Injury Symptoms & Treatments

ports injuries are very common in people of all ages. The term ‘sports injury’ can be used to refer to any type of strain injury, caused by any kind of activity. It is important to seek physio treatment for this type of problem as early as possible, as this can greatly reduce your recovery time.

What Is A Sports Injury?

The term ‘sports injury’ generally applies to muscle, ligament, joint or tendon strains. A tissue that is strained is one that has been pulled, stretched or torn. The most common sport injuries are knee and ankle ligament strains, which can cause bruising, pain, swelling and reduced movement. You may also experience muscle spasms and a loss of strength in the strained muscle.

What Causes Sports Injuries?

Sports injuries are commonly caused by football, running, squash and similar activities. This type of sports injury generally happens when people don’t warm up properly, when they have accidents, or they use the wrong equipment. A strain injury can also be caused by accidents such as slips and trips at home or at work.

Sport & Strain Injury Treatments

A sport or strain injury can be treated very effectively with physiotherapy. Your physiotherapist will start by giving you an accurate diagnosis and will then discuss treatments and ongoing assessments. Treatment usually involves exercises rehabilitation, which aims to strengthen your ligament, muscle, tendon or joint back to the condition it was in before the injury happened. It is important to seek treatment for strains and sports-related injuries as quickly as possible, as a swift response can significantly cut down your recovery time and improve the outcome of your rehabilitation.

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