Pre & Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy is a vital part of pre and post-surgical care. Our chartered physiotherapists are experts in the field of pre and post surgery rehabilitation, having started their careers in NHS hospitals. In the hospital environment, surgical rehabilitation is a key area of physiotherapy. This means our physios have a wealth of technical knowledge that can be used to get you back on your feet quickly and safely.

What Is Pre & Post Surgical Rehabilitation?

Pre and post surgical rehabilitation is a type of medical care that allows a patient to prepare for an operation or to recover after surgery. In pre surgical rehabilitation, your physiotherapist will focus on helping you stabilise the area that will be operated on. This improves the chances of your surgery having a successful outcome. Similarly, post surgery rehabilitation will help you successfully recover from your operation. It will help you to regain movement, strength, mobility and function in a safe, controlled way.
Pre and post surgical rehabilitation is widely used with orthopaedic surgeries on bones, joints and soft tissues. Patients undergoing a range of procedures can greatly benefit from this type of treatment. Common conditions requiring pre and/or post surgical rehabilitation include:

  • total knee and hip replacements
  • anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction
  • conservative non- surgical ACL management
  • bone fractures
  • general soft tissue surgery
  • back surgery

What Happens In Pre & Post Surgical Care?

Your pre and post surgical care will involve a programme of rehabilitation exercises, which will be put together specifically for you. Your progress will be monitored and measured goals will be set, allowing you to get back to full health as quickly as possible. The treatment and management of your condition will mean seeing your physiotherapist regularly. This way, we can be sure your rehabilitation or preparation is on track.

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