Occupational Health Update – Mental Health

A recent survey has shown that a third of people struggle to cope at work because of depression, stress, anxiety or burn out, with 83% of those affected experiencing isolation or loneliness as a result.

Only half of those feeling lonely or isolated had confided in a colleague, yet nearly three quarters found that discussing their condition with a colleague helped them feel better.

The survey, published by Depression Alliance reveals the high numbers of people affected by mental health issues at work, and highlights the need for employers to take action to better recognise the condition and support affected staff.

At Central Occupational Health we are acutely aware of the increase of mental health issues in the workplace and work with many employers to support staff, help to overcome mental health problems and facilitate early returns to work.

Indeed, mental health issues account for a huge amount of absence in the modern working environment and whilst we continue to work closely with those affected, we welcome campaigns which highlight the problems, such as Mental Health Awareness Week which takes place during May.


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