Neck Pain & Whiplash Injuries

Neck pain is a common complaint. It has a range of causes, which include everything from day-to-day lifestyle factors to more serious whiplash injuries. The type and intensity of pain can vary depending on the problem you have. Physiotherapy is an effective way to treat whiplash injuries and neck pain, offering a range of pain relief and recovery techniques.

What Are Neck Pain & Whiplash Injuries?

Neck pain can be caused by muscle or joint tightness, strains, bulging discs, trapped nerves and general wear and tear. It can range from mild to severe pain that can disrupt your daily life and make it difficult to move or sleep.

Whiplash injuries occur when muscles, ligaments or tendons become damaged. This is felt as an intense pain at the back of the neck. They are caused by jolts and impacts.

What Causes Neck Pain & Whiplash Injuries?

Neck pain can sometimes be triggered by periods of stress in your life. It can also be caused by poor posture, the ageing process or sitting still for too long whilst you are at work, driving or at home. Some neck pains are caused by wear and tear and this is the case with conditions like spondylosis.
Whiplash injuries are usually caused by road traffic accidents, when the neck is suddenly jolted by the force of an impact on your car.

Whiplash & Neck Pain Treatment

Physiotherapy is an effective whiplash and neck pain treatment. Once we have examined you and diagnosed the problem, we can offer a range of therapies and rehabilitation treatments. Depending on your condition, these may include manipulation, massage, electrotherapy,acupuncture, steroid injections and exercises.

If you are suffering from neck pain, please contact us. We can provide you with an accurate diagnosis and a comprehensive, effective treatment plan.


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