Morton’s Neuroma



Morton’s Neuroma is a condition our chiropodists and podiatrists see regularly. It is a growth that can cause pain and uncomfortable sensations in the feet. Patients can be treated in a number of ways, with neuroma surgery being recommended for more difficult cases. It is best to treat a neuroma as soon as possible.

Morton’s Neuroma Symptoms

Mortons Neuroma is a benign growth of nerves that’s usually found between the third and fourth toes of the foot. It causes numbness, pain, burning or tingling between the toes and in the ball of the foot. Sufferers often find their neuroma symptoms lessen if they remove their shoes and massage their foot. Standing up can cause pain, including a shooting pain in the foot. It is more common to have this condition in just one of your feet.

What Causes Morton’s Neuroma

A neuroma can be caused by badly fitting shoes, high heels or trauma. It can often run in families. The neuroma itself is made up of a benign growth of nerves, also known as a perineural fibroma. The condition is more common in women who tend to wear badly fitting, constricting or high shoes.

Treatment Of Neuroma

A neuroma can be treated in a number of ways, including orthotics, exercises and steroid injections. Wearing well-fitting, low-heeled shoes can also help. If these treatments don’t effectively treat the pain, you may need surgery to remove the nerve tissue that’s causing the problem. There are a number of different surgery types depending on your condition.

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