Athletes Foot And Onychomycosis



Athletes foot is a common infection of the skin on the feet. The symptoms of athletes foot include itching, discomfort and lesions that can get worse with time if they are not treated. If the lesions reach the toenails, the condition can develop into onychomycosis. Our podiatrists can prescribe and supply an effective athletes foot cure to treat the infection.

What Are Atheletes Foot And Onychomycosis?

Athletes foot is a common infection of the skin between the toes that can cause itching, redness, scaling and small blisters. Lesions often start between the toes and can spread to the borders and the bottom of the foot. The lesions can be very painful and raw. If left untreated, the lesions can spread to under the toenails, causing onychomycosis. This condition can make the toenails thick, discoloured and very painful.

What Causes Athletes Foot?

Athletes foot is caused by a fungus that grows in dark, warm and humid conditions. It can be caught from walking barefoot on any surface that is carrying the fungus. Most commonly, it is picked up in changing rooms, swimming pools and showers. It can also be caught from sharing towels with an infected person. Keeping feet and footwear dry and clean can help prevent an infection.

Athletes Foot – What Is The Cure?

Your podiatrist can prescribe an effective athletes foot cure. An anti-fungal medication (such as a cream or a gel) and practicing good foot hygiene is usually all that’s required. It is important to continue with the full course of treatment, applying your medication even after the itching has subsided. This will ensure the fungus is completely destroyed and the infection is properly cured.

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