The Role of an Occupational Health Advisor


My role as an Occupational Health Advisor at Central Occupational Health continues to be varied.

No two days are ever the same!

One of the main aspects of my work are assisting HR departments and managers in helping individuals get back to work following sickness absence for a whole range of physical and psychological conditions.

Often just taking the time with an employee to confidentially discuss what has been going on can be reassuring, and following on from that we discuss whether a return to work is feasible at that time, or what the next step may be. 

When the time is right, it’s really important to plan a feasible and realistic return to work involving the employee, employer, and myself or other OH colleagues, with opportunities for regular reviews to ensure all is going to plan.

Meetings can take place at a Central Occupational Health office, in the workplace, or even in the individual’s home or other preferred location.

Another aspect of my role is undertaking health surveillance for organisations.

Health and safety legislation require employers to assess and manage certain risks, and we undertake health tests to ensure an employer’s actions are sufficient in adhering to these legal requirements.

I visit a range of  Central Occupational Health clients to undertake lung function tests, skin assessments, hearing tests etc. All clinical notes are confidential, as they would be at your GP or hospital, but with the individual‘s consent a summary of the outcome is given to the employer in order to comply with the legislation.

Sarah Elsby

Compiled by Sarah Elsby, Occupational Health Advisor at Central Occupational Health


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