The Principles of Osteopathy


Osteopathy is a system of manual health care that aims to restore proper body function, and reduce pain and dysfunction, via joint and tissue manipulation techniques to correct mechanical imbalances.

The techniques used are highly variable depending on the precise situation, ranging from firm to very gentle, and can be tailored to suit every individual.

This makes Osteopathy particularly useful for chronic, long term conditions, although Osteopathy is also very suited to treatment of acute episodes of back or joint pain.

Part of what makes Osteopathy so effective is its core principle of recognising that all parts of the body only function correctly in relation to all other parts of the body. So a restriction in one area of the body may lead to pain in an area that has to compensate for this restriction.

Osteopaths look at the whole body, not just the site of pain, in order to assess how the whole system is functioning and to bring the person back to wellbeing as quickly as possible.

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