Why Shoulder Pain Needn’t Hold You Back


Shoulder pain is a common, but varied complaint. From hand working tradesmen, to hard working desk workers; professional athletes, weekend warriors, young and old, there are many reasons why shoulder pain can develop, and persist. The shoulder complex is made up of four joints, and many muscles, all working in harmony with each other, as well and the neck and upper back to create movement. Stiffness, restriction, or weakness in any of these structures can lead to pain, and loss of function. Here at Central Osteopaths we pride ourselves on our in-depth understanding of this complex area of the body.


‘But I thought Osteopaths just treated backs?’


Although effective treatment of lower back pain is what Osteopaths are most famous for, our expert understanding of human anatomy, mechanics, and physiology enables us provide strategies of management and rehabilitation for a wide range of conditions.


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