Running Event Last Minute Injury Prevention

So you’ve been training for a big running event, like this weekend’s London Marathon, and everything’s gone well. You’ve put in the hard yards and you’ve now tapered your training. And right now you feel ready and you’re injury free – so let’s keep it that way!

Here are some simple, but all important, pre and post event injury prevention tips:

Stay Well Hydrated

Drink water little and often. If you don’t it may affect your muscle quality, contribute to cramping and cause muscle, ligament and tendon tightness, which could contribute to a pull &/or decreased performance.

Eat Appropriately

Eat the right stuff and at the right time. There’s plenty of information out there of what and when to eat, but it’s mainly common sense, timing is everything and it’s really what works for you as an individual.

Keep Running

At this stage keep a little running going, all at a steady pace but at a significantly reduced distance as part of your pre-event tapering. Stick to it and it should stand you in good stead.

Stay Flexible

Remember to keep stretching, dynamically pre-event and statically post event – and keep stretching during your tapering. Keep those muscles nice and long. That will go some way to help you stay injury free and improve your running efficiency.

Sports Massage

Consider a Sports Massage a couple of days before the event, take up any sports massage available at the event itself (pre and post running) and book in for one a couple of days after. Sports Massage helps get rid of toxins, reduces tightness and therefore helps avoid injury.


At the first hint of a last minute niggle see your physiotherapist to get assessed. As well as manipulating any injured area, they might be able to patch you up (using taping techniques, acupuncture, therapeutic ultrasound, injections or orthotics etc) and get you through the event! Obviously, if you come away from the event with an injury, the sooner you get into see your physio the better!

Keep It the Same

Don’t try anything new at this stage! Forget trying new energy bars or gels, running different routes and terrains and definitely avoid getting a new pair of running shoes for the event! Stick to what you know.


And lastly, enjoy the event knowing you’ve prepared as well as you can. After all, you’ve worked so hard to get here – don’t let race day pass you by! Have a great run!

Blog compiled by Kevin Huffington, Clinical Director at Central Health


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