Promoting Health and Wellbeing at Work

Promoting health and wellbeing at work is proven to help employees remain happy, healthy and productive. Occupational Health Programmes also greatly improve engagement and attendance.

There are lots of ways of promoting health and wellbeing at work.

Examples include:

  • Cycle to work schemes where employees can purchase bikes and pay over a year before being taxed. This is usually run through payroll.
  •  Monthly topics to highlight awareness of seasonal changes – skin cancer, men’s health (November), alcohol and drugs over Christmas and summer
  • Open clinics for a 4 in 10 test. This is 4 tests in 10 minutes – Blood cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and BMI
  • Pedometer challenges
  • Corporate games


People actually work better in teams if they exercise together.

As an example, a client decided to enter a team of 7 into the corporate pedometer challenge. As individuals, the 7 were all cyclists and/or triathletes. They normally all trained individually, however, when they joined as a team they started to train together. When training together, their team productivity was notably increased and they won an award (or 2) for being the most productive team in the workplace!


This just goes to show that promoting Health and Wellbeing at Work is not just for those who don’t exercise and may want to, but also for those who already do!


For help and advice on promoting health and wellbeing at your workplace, please contact Central Occupational Health here

Blog compiled by David Barber, Lead Occupational Health Advisor at Central Occupational Health



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