JEMS: Beautiful Movement is Spontaneous and Expressive

By Jenny Willis, Senior Chartered Physiotherapist

‘Beautiful movement is created with balance and symmetry, with efficiency of muscle action, with timing, control and awareness’ says Joanne Elphinson, Chartered Physiotherapist to international athletes and ordinary people.

I really need to spread the word about JEMS (Joanne Elphinston  Movement System). It’s not new, in fact it comes down from the global elite athlete world. I hear you say well that’s not me; but the philosophy matches all of our needs. Beautiful movement is spontaneous and expressive, exploring possibilities rather than accepting limitations.

JEMS explores the barriers rather than just dealing with the effect, resulting in a more effective outcomes which benefits our daily lives, a goal we all seek.

Start by thinking what beautiful movement looks like. You have probably seen Strictly Come Dancing and can perhaps distinguish the difference! What about Jess Ennis our Gold Medal Heptathlon star, her movements are fluid, almost effortless. Well JEMS is also relevant to the way an elderly person moves with confidence, those with long term health issues such as arthritis or neurological conditions or someone recovering from injury perhaps a back, neck, shoulder, knee or foot problems, or the amateur sports person who is troubled with frequent injury, or the annual skier who just can’t seem to turn one way well or bend into the correct stance.

I have recently joined Central Health as a Senior Chartered Physiotherapist with nearly 30 years of experience to draw upon. I practise JEMS in conjunction with my other physiotherapy skills, the movements are simple, and the results often bring swift changes on what you can do more efficiently and effectively with less discomfort. It is appropriate for anyone from the youngest to oldest in our community. To learn more see and call Central Health on 0333 1234 702 and book in for a consultation with Jenny Willis MCSP Pg Dip Health Ergonomics, Registered ACPOHE Member.


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