Innovative Kinesio Taping Techniques Used to Treat and Prevent Injuries

By Glykeria Skamagki Senior Chartered Physiotherapist, MSc, BSc (Hons) MCSP


Kinesiology, also known as Human Kinetics, is the scientific study of human movement. Kinesiology addresses physiological, mechanical, and psychological mechanisms. At Central Health we widely use Kinsesio Taping methods to treat various injuries. The taping method follows the theory of Kinesiology, and provides a treatment which allows the body and muscles to move whilst assisting rehabilitation.

Kinesio tape is a coloured sports tape which is applied to both athletes and non-athletes. It is elastic, 100% cotton, latex free and designed to increase range of motion, reduce pain levels and swelling, and apply a proprioceptive (body awareness) stimulation to help prevent re-injury.

While traditional treatments restrict movement to injured muscles, today we know that keeping muscles moving and improving circulation reduce pain and speed healing. This taping method gently lifts the layer of skin and attached tissue covering a muscle so that blood and other body fluids can move more freely in and around that muscle.

Healthy skeletal muscles are essential to keeping you moving at your best, so this innovative technique is available to protect and treat your muscles, tendons and joints. To visit one of Central Health’s Kinesio Taping experts please book an appointment at any of our Physiotherapy Clinics.


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