An Update on Kevin’s Hyrox Training & Recovery

Kevin (owner of the Central Health Group) is currently preparing for his Hyrox events across the UK for 2024. If you are unsure what Hyrox is, then it is several sporting events which happens in exhibition halls across the UK which consists of 8x 1km runs followed by 8x functional workouts (such as sled pushes, rowing and burpees). This post looks at the progress he is making ahead of his next Hyrox event in London on the 4th & 5th May.

Train, Train & Train Again

In the latest TikTok Kevin produced, he discusses a typical workout which he has done as part of his training routine. 

This particular training session had a strong focus on Kevin’s running and trying to ensure that his can have maximum output when it comes to the Hyrox events.

In the session he did:

  • A 10 minute warmup consisting of dynamic stretching and light cardio
  • 5x 1 mile running intervals – Kevin is now averaging a pace of 5mins 45 secs per mile
  • 10 mins cool down

After his running session, Kevin then focused on 4 different functional workouts which was:

  • Wallballs
  • SkiErg
  • Burpees
  • 1km Runs

He is also training his running ahead of some upcoming 5km and 10km races he has signed up for.

The Importance of Physio After Training

In the second TikTok Kevin uploaded, he stresses the importance of recovery whilst you are training and the growing importance of physio and recovery as you get older. He also provided some tips on recovery including:

– As you get older, it becomes more important to have a good dynamic warmup & a light cool down. Kevin spends 10-15 mins per workout on a good warmup and a further 10-15 mins on a light cool down.
– Hydration is key as well as a good diet to ensure your body feels right and trains to its best
– Never train through an injury – it is important to rest when you have a niggle to ensure the injury doesn’t get worse and review on a 24 hour period
– Controlled loading is important when you are injured- this consists of doing body weight exercises (such as squats and pressups) before adding weights

Please feel free to watch the TikToks below and if you do have any questions, please get in touch. 


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