How Sports Massage Works and Benefits Exercise Regimes

By Simon Fowler Sports Massage Therapist at Central Health

The deep stroking techniques of Sports Massage create a pumping effect within the circulatory system which encourages an increased supply of nutrients in the blood stream to be distributed to the cells of the body where growth and repair is required.

When tears occur in muscle fibres during exercise small amounts of bleeding take place which develop in to scar tissue as the body repairs the damage. Scar tissue will not always knit back together as smoothly as before and will become harder and larger as the surrounding fibres tense up to protect the damage. Once located by general flushing strokes, a Sports Massage Therapist can apply deep friction techniques in all directions over the damaged area to break things down and allow a better blood flow and smoother function of the fibres.

Once the damaged area has been reduced, it is possible to restore greater function to the affected muscles by applying deep longitudinal strokes that help to further flush out broken down waste and restore the fibres flexibility.

During Sports Massage, potential problems in the future can also be located before they have surfaced, as areas of tension are found during the massage. This helps to create an awareness of the body for the individual, and in turn a connection can be made between body and mind which enables us to use our bodies to their full potential.

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